2 responses to “New to US: UK Author Kathryn Fox’s Lessons for Self-Published Authors”

  1. F Nelis

    Stolen Memories is an open, honest and raw account of Kathryn’s years of living with a person she loved and through PTSD changed before her eyes into a stranger. It is an account of survival and triumph, overcoming the hardships of this disorder. When will the military openly admit that they have neglected thousands of soldiers, who fought for their country, and are having to deal with this horrific transformation, sometimes alone?
    Is it easier to say,’we wash our hands of them?’ I think not!

  2. Eileen Casey

    This book is a true and complete story of Kathryns marriage and Subsequent destruction of it. She has been to hell and come back a wonderfully strong woman, and a a smashing mum to her two gorgeous children. I have been through a lot of the trials and tribulations they all have gone through. I am very proud of the way they coped and come through problem. They are [or should i say were also victims of his PTSD] but have come out stronger and better, i am proud of the three of them, of course i am predjudiced i am Kathryns Mum and proud nannan Rebecca and Daniel.I will always have their back. I will always be there for them.Please read the book and you will sense what it has been like for them.

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