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NW Book Lovers is a blog by and about authors, librarians and independent booksellers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. If you’re interested in the literary Northwest, it’s for you.

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Readers, tell us what you’re reading, or contribute comments to any of our posts. Your reviews and blurbs might end up on One Nightstand. Send us your ideas and suggestions here.

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Booksellers, tell us what’s in your stack and what you’re most excited to handsell, and email us with those funny anecdotes about happenings and things overheard in your store. Did someone ask for a copy of Lionel Richie and the Wardrobe? We want to hear about that and turn it into a Storefront feature. Send us book recommendations for Face Out, and tell us what’s selling—especially those titles that might be off our radar.

Northwest authors, drop a line to introduce yourself and let us know if you might be interested in sharing a “NW Voices” essay or “Conversations” piece to introduce yourself and your work to NW readers. We gets fresh NW indie content and you get the NWBL spotlight. It’s a win-win! Books must be available for click-through purchase on IndieBound, Bookshop, or from a PNBA member store.

Publishers, publicists, and regional sales reps, send us your comments about NW books and authors, or titles that you think will have special relevance to Northwest readers. Send us copies of the books and point us in the direction of blurbs, reviews, articles, essays and blog posts. And we sincerely hope that you will encourage indie booksellers to send us their comments about your books.

Credits and other fine print

NWBL is brought to you by the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, a non-profit group that supports and promotes literacy, literature, free speech and independent bookselling in five Northwest states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

PNBA membership is open to members of the book industry. For membership information, visit www.pnba.org or contact PNBA.

Only brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries that are members of PNBA and that maintain regular, published business hours during which they are open to the public will be included in the Find a Store directory and featured in regular articles in NWBL. Occasional exceptions may be made.

PNBA Book Award-winning authors will be given a listing in our author directory.

We don’t allow posts or comments that call for boycotts, nor that discuss pricing of merchandise for sale, nor that may be interpreted as defamatory or libelous to anyone or any company. Interpretation of what material may be defamatory or libelous will be made by the editor of NWBL.

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