4 responses to “Halloween Costume Inspiration”

  1. James

    I appeared at one costume party as Tyrone Slothrop from Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow–military fatigues worn with a Hawaiian shirt, a superhero cape bearing a large “R” for “Raketemensch,” a Viking helmet with the horns removed, and a rubber pig nose. Of course, no one knew who in the hell I was supposed to be. Thankfully, there are no photos.

    More convincingly, I’ve also dressed as Anton Chekhov. Almost the entire 19th-century ensemble was drawn right from my closet. Always on the cusp of fashion, I am. I was thinking of repeating the costume, but at this point I’d have to pass as “Anton Chekhov If He’d Lived.” I’m pretty sure I’m older now than he ever got to be.

  2. Kate Stone

    Last year to hand out candy for Annie Bloom’s Books, I dressed up as Poe’s raven – I made a raven mask from construction paper and ribbons, and dressed in a lot of black semi-Victorian clothing. I was surprised by how little explaining I had to do!

    This year, I’ve made a dress and tiara out of pages from an advanced reader’s copy of a book, to be a book fairy (not sure what to do for wings yet, so this may transition into the Queen of Reading). My main concern is how I’m going to keep warm – paper isn’t terribly insulating, and we stand out in front of the store for max candy distribution 🙂

  3. Amy

    Last year, I dressed up as the Man in the Yellow Hat and my 2 year old buddy dressed as Curious George. I sewed the monkey costume and dyed thrift store finds to make the yellow outfit. The hardest part was sewing felt to a straw cowboy hat. We had fun trick or treating around the neighborhood. The parents and children all recognized us.

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