2 responses to “Kindred Spirits”

  1. Amanda Cowell

    Wonderful job, I really enjoyed reading this! I have always had a soft spot for all of L.M. Montgomery’s characters.

  2. Marta Nelson

    Hey, I’m in there!!! Now I’m famous! 🙂 I so appreciate your characterization of L.M. Montgomery’s writing. It is rich, multi-faceted, and peppered a wee bit too heavily with her favorite adjectives (“Halcyon” was one that always stood out to me.) I too adored her writing as an older child/teenager and then went back as an adult and reread the Anne books- and basically everything else she ever wrote. I was blown away by her ability to capture human nature. So nuanced and skillful, in ways I couldn’t appreciate as a child. Now I reread them about every two years, and at nearly every age and stage I’ve found something in her heroines that resonates with me.

    Thanks for sharing your own skillful writing!

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