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  1. jan olander

    Ah, the Beast, the Beast,
    I’ll have no part of its feast.
    Why must it eat and eat and eat,
    while others have nothing, nothing, nothing?

    I cry and I wail,
    but to no avail.
    I hold to my course,
    ever hoping to meet with source.

    We will create a new world order,
    all the while running from the hoarder.
    Don’t ask for direction,
    you must find us without detection.
    … it is NaPoMo, so I thought to offer a humble salute to your words.

  2. Deon Stonehouse

    Great article! Goodreads’ aquisition by Amazon saddens me. It was a wonderful site for readers to congregate outside the influence of a vendor. An independent site. Now it is a posssession, an acquisition, a tool. The world seems to be going Amazon’s way. US taxpayers just funded the US Justice departiment curbing publishers who dared deny Amazon’s will. And now the behemoth gobbles up Goodreads. As you say, it is all consuming, opening its hungry mouth to chomp down on ever more prey. But Malcolm Gladwell said something very hopeful at the ABA Winter Institute. Someday the stockholders will look about themselves and notice that Amazon is not making money, juicy profit is lacking. Being investors, they will go elsewhere in search of better investments. May Malcolm be right.

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