6 responses to “Shooting for the Sweet 16”

  1. Brad Craft

    Someone, I suspect would look good in a sandwich-board. Am I right or am I right?

  2. Amanda MacNaughton

    Do you ever feel tempted to go into the nearest Barnes & Noble and recruit customers? I know I do…and because I used to work there, I also know how many of my regulars here at Paulina Springs also go there. I feel like telling them “You know, I can order anything you want for you here.” But one mustn’t act desperate, right?

  3. Jeffrey Shaffer

    Brad, I’d prefer a gorilla costume to the sandwich board. Amanda, your idea is tempting. B&N actually helped us out on their own recently by closing the store nearest us and moving to a more distant location. We’ve had several people come in who were disgruntled because they drove to the defunct spot and found it empty, and I am happy to assure them we are here to stay.

  4. Catherine

    I’m one of those people and was so sad to think of all the afternoons I’d missed wandering among the books (at B&N). Now I’m a fan…what’s not to love books, great staff and a sweet cat?!

  5. Jeffrey Shaffer

    Catherine–we’re so glad to have you on the Annie Bloom team and thank you for mentioning our cat, the esteemed Molly Bloom. She has her own Facebook page, too!

  6. Lindsay

    I live in Orange County, California, a place with a lot of people but not very many independent bookstores, and I would be thrilled if someone handed me a bookmark advertising their store. (I’d also be extremely flattered if someone told me I look like a person who likes to read.) And if I’m ever in the Portland area I’ll make sure to stop by Annie Bloom’s!

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