3 responses to “You Are What You Read
and That’s Just Fine”

  1. Brad Craft

    Just for yet another perspective, my own fiction library has been predominated by women and gay men! It has only been more recently, when I stopped reading as much contemporary fiction and turned to the past that the balance has shifted the other way. Likewise, I might add, with poetry.

  2. James

    “[F]emale characters generally think and feel things more while male characters usually just do stuff.”

    I could probably muster some kind of rebuttal to that, but my heart wouldn’t be in it. I’ve always been fondest of those characters who don’t really feel or do stuff. All hail the lethargic Oblomov! Bow down before the hapless failures of Spurious! Like Beckett, I can’t go on; I’ll go on.

  3. Susan Richmond

    I’m going right home to take a tally. Thanks. Loved your article.

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