3 responses to “Four Out of Five”

  1. Brad Craft

    Comrade! If you were to come to my house, and bring order to my books, there’d be a Mississippi Mud Cake in it for you (and, yes, that is every bit as good as it sounds.)

  2. Mark Holtzen

    Made me chortle, smile, and laugh all in one read. Thanks for that. I look forward to coming across the bridge to chat about some of your “old boys” titles sometime.

  3. James

    I’ll let you in a little secret, Brad. I never did get around to entering all my books into LibraryThing. I’ve been a little more than half done for around five years. Soon as I finish with my shelves, though, I’ll start in on yours. Keep the cake fresh.

    Thanks, Mark. Drop on by and we’ll smoke some cigars. It’ll be a regular stag party.

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