4 responses to “A Holiday Occupation”

  1. Susan Richmond

    Thanks for sharing, John, this miserable reminder of an encouraging truth. Books will outlast flu season, tolerate our human feebleness and foibles. I’m going into Inventory this weekend feeling about 70% well, but the company of all those tomes will help comfort and heal me before they find their next home.

  2. Brad Craft

    I will volunteer any hours I’m not already working at UBS, any time. Call me, and I’ll be there.

  3. John W. Marshall

    Thank you, Susan and Brad, for reading the entry. Susan, I hope your inventorying went well or, at least, went. And thanks, Brad, for the offer! We will keep it in mind, though we’ve developed such an arcane system of inventory control (or inventory keep-up-with) it seems nearly un-teachable.

    Here’s to everyone’s health!!

  4. Brad Craft

    I will be glad to arbitrarily mess with your heads then.

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