5 responses to “Queen Anne is Dead.
Long Live Queen Anne!”

  1. Brad Craft

    Best news of the day, week, month, year to date, etc.

  2. Susan Richmond

    We are so happy for you, Tegan, for the new owners and for book lovers in the Queen Anne neighborhood! Such good news.

    Susan and all the Inklings in Yakima

  3. Deon Stonehouse

    Excellent! Queen Anne lost something precious when the bookstore closed. Queen Anne Book Company sets the ambiance of Queen Anne Hill, without it the community would lose that feeling. Who wants to live in a community with no bookstore! And Tegan, you are the heart of Queen Anne Books, it is so good to hear you will be back where you belong.

  4. Tegan

    Thank you so, so much, friends! I am so happy to be able to share this joy with the community! We are all so grateful for your support. Can’t wait to welcome you into the new store in just a few weeks! We just put up a Queen Anne Book Company facebook page and are getting our website up ASAP. Exciting times!

  5. sally b

    we’ll be there opening day!

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