Wordstock 2012 Is On

THE weekend for books in the Pacific Northwest is happening right now, as in today and tomorrow and the next day. If you’re here, you know why: the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Tradeshow in Tacoma from Oct. 13-15 and Wordstock in Portland from Oct. 11-15. We’ll get to the Tradeshow in another post, but let’s see what’s happening at Wordstock this year.

Founded by Portland author Larry Colton, Wordstock is not only a party for literary art and its authors, but a celebration of reading, writing and education in general. In addition to the annual book and literary festival, Wordstock has other programs that support reading and writing in the community: Wordstock for Teachers, Wordstock for Kids, Wordstock for Communities and The Wordstock Book-to-Film Festival.

This year’s Wordstock theme is journalism, sex and dystopia. The work of the authors, speakers and artists at the show reflect these themes. We’ve even featured quite a few of them right here on NWBL:

Stay tuned for coverage from the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Tradeshow here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Happy Weekend of the Book!—Amber James

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