5 responses to “Hot Soup on a Cold Night
and Other Essential Things”

  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    What a lovely article/post! I read and write for the same reasons. Writing to make sense out of the things that happen to you in life–I really identify with that. Don’t we all do that? Once I read that writing shouldn’t be catharsis for the writer; it should all be focused on creating a good experience for the reader. But I disagree. The same yucky things that happen to me in life surely happen to others, and by writing about them, I am sure I could help someone else. Thanks for this post.

  2. DeAnn Rossetti

    After reading this gorgeous post, I am immediately putting “Shout Her Lovely Name” on my wish list! I read for many of the same reasons that you do, Ms Serber, (and when I was a sophomore in high school, they put dog crap in my locker, so consider yourself lucky that you only had to clean kibble out of your locker) but as a journalist for lo, these many years, I write to connect with my community, to know its people, to understand my surroundings and to entertain and inform others. But I agree with you about cooking, in that when one is at home, it’s an act of love and comfort to cook for others and have them enjoy a meal with you…it builds families and communities, if you work in a soup kitchen and help with meal prep as I have in the past. There is a book called “The School of Essential Ingredients” by Erica Bauermeister that makes a great connection between love, food, community and relationships.By the way, I LOVE your story idea of the heels intimidating the flats and other shoes…that paints a clear picture in my mind that makes me smile. Thank you for your post and your candor.

  3. Paula Elsloo

    Brilliant! Though I too love writing, reading, cooking (and eating!), I never before thought of them as connected in this way, as shorter or longer bits of creativity. Even as I type this, my home-from-college daughter popped into the kitchen to ask, “What’s for dinner?” How about a nice short story, I’m tempted to answer, with a side salad of essays and an order of fried novels. Poems for dessert.

    I came across reviews and an excerpt from Shout Her Lovely Name online, then found this cozy article when I Googled your name. You have a beautiful voice that spoke directly to me, and I’m sure, will speak to many mothers. I’m excited to read your book. Best of luck to you & Congratulations.

  4. Cathy Warner

    Reading, writing, cooking, eating. All acts filled with creativity, generosity and compassion like your writing.

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