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  1. Mick Penning

    I lived at George’s place for a few weeks back in the spring of ’74. I’d been living in Paris since November ’72 -staying at all kinds of establishments -all over Paris -from Vincennes in the east to Neuilly in the West -and all points north to south of that great city -by far the memorable time of my life,-with the icing on the cake being invited by George to stay free at his Bookshop at 37, rue de Bucherie, 5e.
    Hi kicked me out in the end, unceremoniously. No hard feelings though -just a simple ‘misunderstanding of intent’. I often re-visited the old place over the next 30 years on my bi-annual visits to Paris, and chatted amicably with the old man -whom, I believe, didn’t remember me anyway; probably not, though knowing George, he wouldn’t have admitted to it.
    I’ll try and schedule my next trip to Paris to coincide with the 21st October -and catch you for a coffee -after all, I’m long overdue a visit to the old place, having not been for five years now.

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