5 responses to “How to Get Lost in Translations:
A Destination Guide”

  1. Mark Holtzen

    What a fun post. Quoting Murakami will alway get my attention. I have added a couple of these to my list. I once taught a child of a Russian family and they had a couple great recommendations. I agree it’s a fun new direction to go. Thanks.

  2. Samantha Steele

    I’m so flattered that our book club and blog was included in such a fantastic list of translation greats! All of these websites and publishers are a goldmine of resources for anyone who loves great books and is willing to read a little outside the box. I would also like to add the event series The Bridge (for those in the NYC area), run by Sal Robinson, editor at Melville (another translation hot spot): http://thebridgeseries.org/. Words without Borders is a great way for English-only readers to get a taste of the great literature out there that is not yet available in English, they publish sample translations and post book reviews and news: http://wordswithoutborders.org/. Also, there are many cultural institutions that host events and provide resources about literature in translation, like the Polish Cultural Institute (http://www.polishculture-nyc.org/) or the Book Department of the French Cultural Services (http://www.frenchculture.org/spip.php?article269&tout=ok). And last but definitely not least, World Literature Today: http://www.worldliteraturetoday.com/.

  3. Geo Carroll

    Thanks, Samantha, all great suggestions. I was running low on word count, so I’ll sneak a few more in this comment field:
    Hungarian Literature Online: http://www.hlo.hu/
    Asymptote: http://asymptotejournal.com/index.php
    Literature Across Frontiers: http://www.lit-across-frontiers.org/what.php
    And there are good articles on the daily Publishing Perspectives, which you can get as an email, follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

  4. Jay Weaver

    Hey George good article. Thank you. Great to know your still being a superlative book rep. Krasznahorkai is on of my favorites. I haven’t read the Sada or Shishkin yet but will. I am curious about Polish Boxer by Eduardo Halfon coming in October.
    I’m a fan of Seagull books. Hope you are well. Rock on.

  5. Geo Carroll

    Hey, Jay, thanks. Nice hearing from you. I have an extra Seagull Books catalog around here somewhere and would be glad to pass it along.

    Got to meet Krasznahorkai at City Lights in June – was starstruck.

    Have Polish Boxer in my library queue – am first on the hold list. Love the Seattle Public Library. Have read great things about Blindly by Claudio Magris, coming out in Sept from Margellos / Yale.

    On the short to-read list are Kite by Dominique Edde, The Planets by Sergio Chefjec, Walaschek’s Dream by Giovanni Orelli, Stone Upon Stone by Wieslaw Mysliwski, The Lair by Norman Manea, Isle of the Dead by Gerhard Meier, and Every Day, Every Hour by Natasa Dragnic.

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