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  1. Linda Bond

    The website isn’t really “mine,” so did not enter it – http://www.auntiesbooks.com – where I work. I LOVE crows and so does my husband. We feed them peanuts – have done for years – they bring their new ones to our yard where we sometime keep out a watch for them as crowsitters. Anyway – yes, they are extremely intelligent and also have individual personalities so we can tell them apart. Some are fearful – some have no fear. Some are cranky… others are sweet-spirited. Thanks for the article!

  2. jan olander

    Saw your drawing before I read your post. And I (seriously) like both.

    First the “put a bird on it!” was heard. Then everyone and everything got mixed-up in Mr. Sheldrake’s morphic resonance occurrence. Now we are jumbled up and humbled by words as grand as, “hope is the thing with feathers.” And like the Sneetches, of either persuasion, sneezing out all that questionable bird dander.

    A fan,
    The jan.

  3. Amanda MacNaughton

    May I suggest another raven read? “Charlie’s Raven” by Jean Craighead George. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot I did not know about ravens. Sure, it’s considered a children’s book, but I loved it. I often have ravens fly with me and talk to me when I’m out walking. They have become one of my favorite birds. Maybe my favorite. Thanks, Brad! Love your drawings.

  4. Cheryl McKeon, bookseller

    Love this list and your post! T
    Thank you! I miss the murder of crows that lives in Shoreline.

  5. Machelle

    Interesting.Thank you for sharing this.(and just as I was ready to immerse myself in reading a bunch of summer”fluff” and pure drivel!) Enjoyed the post and the drawings.

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