3 responses to “Another Passionate Career Bookseller, an Interview with Amanda MacNaughton of Paulina Springs Books”

  1. Deon Stonehouse

    Amanda and Jamie this is a superb interview.
    I especially liked Amanda’s take on e-readers, very insightful.

    I agree Garth Stein is a fabulous author for an event. He is so charismatic, he fairly dazzles. Brilliant too.

    Great interview!

  2. Jon Remmerde

    Great interview. It’s so nice to read an interview that deals with issues, issues, issues and deals intelligently and succinctly with them.

  3. Jim Lehman

    Wonderful to see your continued connection to the wonders of books! As a long time friend of your family, I remember seeing you as a child surrounded by books. I look forward to walking in your bookstore again and seeing you in action!

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