12 responses to “An Afternoon with Jane Kirkpatrick”

  1. Dixie Thomas

    I recently bought Barcelona Calling and can’t wait to start reading it! Jane is the ‘real deal’!!

  2. Sherrey

    Love ALL of Jane’s books and can’t wait to read Barcelona calling. Thanks for posting such a lovely interview with one of my favorite writers.

  3. Tami

    I can’t wait to read BARCELONA CALLING, it sounds great.

  4. Christine L.

    One of the few books by Jane that I haven’t yet read, but it’s on my “to do SOON” list. Thank you for a revealing interview with a wonderful author.

  5. Ginny Mallett Snodgrass

    ‘If only I could win the lottery, if only I could be the top salesperson . . .’ That is a false way to fulfillment, or fulfillment with a trapdoor.– What a gem! Jane, I so enjoy your historical novels. The bonus for me is that “a spoonful of sugar makes the history go down”! Still, I look forward to reading BARCELONA CALLING!

  6. Jennifer in OR

    Hi, would love to read this book! Looking forward to meeting Jane at some point; I was planning on seeing her at Paulina Springs in Redmond this summer, but she cancelled due to Jerry’s heart issue. Hope all is going well for their family! This was a fantastic interview!

  7. Julie W.

    I have read every one of Jane’s books I’ve been able to get my hands on, from our local library, various bookstores, trading with my sister. Can’t wait to begin “Barcelona Calling”! Engrossed in her stories, I find myself laughing, crying, and writing down quotes for later use as she transports me to another time in history. I so look forward to meeting her face to face when “Where Lilacs Still Bloom” is released, as Grandma Klager’s story holds a personal place in my heart.
    Love you Jane – Please keep writing!

  8. Linda Harvey Kelley

    Jane Kirkpatrick is loved by readers in the East, as well as in the Northwest. I was thrilled to have her for my classes in a writer’s workshop in Pennsylvania because I had read her book, Love to Water My Soul, and loved it with all my heart! Thanks for a great review on Barcelona Calling. It, along with her former books, makes me really want to read it!

  9. Amanda MacNaughton

    This is so exciting! I got 9 comments! Jennifer, we had Jane return to Paulina Springs this fall; I’m sorry you missed it. I hope to have her come back in the spring for Where the Lilacs Bloom. You can keep up on our author events at http://www.paulinasprings.com/.

  10. Dixie Thomas

    I received my ‘prize’ Barcelona Calling!! Thank you so much! What a delightful book. Appreciate your picking me.

  11. Gail Ingram

    I have really enjoyed the 3 books of yours I have read and have several more on order to read! You have such a gift for putting things into words and I love historical novels. My grandmother was 16 in 1912 when she married. It was interesting reading about Jessie Gaebele in A Flickering Light. I am self-publishing a book of poetry this next year and am looking forward to gleaning some knowledge and insight from Barcelona Calling. What about Shimmering Grasses, Jane? Was it the intended title for An Absence So Great? Best wishes on fulfilling your dreams of many more books. Very worthwhile and very well done!