13 responses to “Mohr Free Stuff!”

  1. Melisa

    I want this book – bad! PICK ME 🙂

  2. I want one

    I want one

  3. Derek

    Egads! I read about Mohr/”Damascus” on HTMLGiant and have been keeping my eye out for his name. Looks rad.

  4. I want one

    Thanks. My name’s not “I want one” actually, it’s Tom Hansen, author of “American Junkie” and I read with Joshua Mohr in SF at Litcrawl 2010. I’m sooooooooo looking for a new read right now so this is awesome. Thanks

  5. Josh Edmond

    I would kill to have this book right now! I put it on my Christmas list, but I could die a happy boy if I could read it sooner!

  6. amy

    Josh’s books rock, can’t wait to get the next one!

  7. Derek

    In case it was unclear, I’d like a copy if at all possible.

  8. Marsha

    I can’t wait to read this and I can’t wait to see Josh when he’s in Seattle!

  9. Jim Heggie

    I am a fan of Josh Mohr. Unfortunately, I am on a fixed income with which I can rarely afford to buy a book. I would love to have a copy of ‘Damascus’ if you have any left.
    I live in Tucson, AZ, and wouldn’t even know where to look for him here.

  10. Emily

    For Jim Heggie, here’s a link to the Indiebound store-finder, so you can find an indie in your area: http://www.indiebound.org/indie-store-finder
    I’m a little over halfway through Damascus, and I can smell the fish. Good stuff.