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  1. MazDan

    What an entertaining interview. Carolyn Olsen and her store are wonderful. We live out of the country for most of the year and really miss the warm atmosphere of Sage. We are salivating at the thought of our first Monday back in Shelton for the soup and bread special…….and some book buying.

  2. maggie

    Love Sage Book Store. It is probably the best book store ever . . . Love the people who work there. The environment . . . everything about it . . . Miss them all terribly too . . . It is the best ever . . . Love you all.

  3. Norma Webber

    Carolyn is to books, what Kitten Rescue is to cats. Her store is fabulous, with people to discuss your favorites with, and a large selection of wonderful books. If I didn’t work seven days a week at the shelter, I would visit every day! Granny Kat, Webber

  4. Leslie Johnson

    Sage Book store is a wonderful place for that big sigh that moves you from your crazy hectic day into the peaceful bliss of being in your perfect room. For me that perfect room would look alot like Sage, comfy chairs, interesting nooks and crannies and books, wonderful, wonderful books. Add a delicious chunky chocolate cookie and a latte and a free look at the Sunday New York Times and well, Nirvana. age Bookstore is my not-so-secret pleasure. Leslie

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