8 responses to “Books, Memory and the Twelve Bright Stars Scratched Across Page 302”

  1. Peter Bryenton

    A few survivors from my chilhood reading sit patiently on my bookshelves, waiting for the boy in me to explore them again, as he does from time to time. How many copies of digital files will survive the endless changes in computer technology?

  2. John Lund

    I have so far read only “Memory Wall ” . I found the stories engrossing and wonderfully written , with certain reservations about the credibility of the title story.
    I plan to read more of Doerr’s works .

  3. Jim

    I have an old copy of Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge that I bought at a used book store years ago. On page 68 I found a black and white photograph of a young couple at some formal function. They are standing in what looks like a kitchen of a country club or posh hotel; he is holding a cigarette discreetly at his side (trying to hide it?) and she is laughing (nervously?). The book still smells wonderfully musty.

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  5. Dawn

    Sometimes I feel a little betrayed when I find out somebody else I know has read a book that I truly love. As if it is MY book, and my book only, to read.

  6. Laura Bradley

    I wish I could give all 150 of my 8th grade students their very own copies of all the books we read so they could write all over them too!

  7. Maria Luisa Rubio Cevera

    English is not my mother tongue but I enjoy it enormously. Anthony Doerr’s “The Shell Collector” was a book that has touched me deeply. I am a 72 years old and shell collector since I was 7.

    Me han traido una caracola
    Dentro le canta
    un mar de mapa.
    Mi corazon
    se llena de agua
    con pececillos
    de sombra y plata.
    Me han traido una caracola.
    Federico Garcia Lorca (poeta castellano)

  8. Maria Luisa Rubio Cevera

    I just wanted to leave a note of how much I have enjoyed the book The shell collector of Anthony Doerr, not just because I am myself a long time shell collector but because the text and the english language in this book it is just superb. Maria Luisa Rubio Cervera

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