One Nightstand

The Wilding by Benjamin Percy

Top three reasons why this book creeped me out:
1. It includes an epigraph from “Deliverance.” Enough said.
2. While camping beside a river one night in Alaska, I lay terrified in my tent listening to a grizzly bear fishing for salmon about a hundred feet away. In The Wilding, a grizzly bear presses its muzzle against the protagonist’s tent.
3. I’m always telling my wife to keep the door locked when she’s home alone. In The Wilding, the protagonist’s wife is stalked by a locksmith with his own key, a locksmith who enjoys dressing up in a hairsuit of small game animals that he killed, cleaned, and stitched together.
So if you’re into marauding rednecks and grizzly bears, not to mention the sweetest antagonist this side of The Silence of the Lambs, give The Wilding a go. I loved it.

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