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No Less Than Victory by Jeff Shaara

If you are a WWII reader, or if you have customers that are, this is for you. It does for the written word what “Saving Private Ryan” did for cinematic versions of the war.This is a master storyteller at his peak. No Less Than Victory is considered fiction because Shaara puts words in the mouths of characters that may or may not have actually been said. The events are real.

Follow the generals of the Allies & Germany as they decide the fate of millions of men on the Western Front. Follow the lives of three American foot soldiers as they move towards final victory in Europe. Join them as they discover the first of the Nazi concentration camps, in Ohrdruf. There won’t be a dry eye when reading this section. You feel like you are in a foxhole in the dead of winter during the Battle of the Bulge. Learn about “Nuts!” and Patton’s feelings about Bill Mauldin the cartoonist so popular with the troops.

This is the third installment of Jeff Shaara’s WWII fictional series.(Ballantine Books, ISBN 9780345497932, $16.00, trade paper)

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