One response to “A Few Questions for Harriet Fasenfest”

  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    Harriet has a great point about working 20 hours a week “out there” and the other 20 “in here” in the home. My husband and I have a large garden, some chickens, a wood stove for which he cuts and brings home all the wood himself, and other modest symptoms of “self-sufficiency.” I do lots of cooking from scratch and not a lot of prepared food.We both find that working part-time and doing our home stuff feels like plenty. I still have mixed feelings about it. It’s a satisfying, sustainable, and ethical life. But we do struggle with being “broke.” I would agree with Harriet’s advice to proceed with caution. You need to know what you are getting into. At the same time, something I think a lot about is how all our needs in life are purchased either with money or with labor. You can often choose which one you want to spend more of. For example, our firewood is obtained for “free” from some friends’ land. But it’s not free–it’s paid for by my husband’s darn hard work. However, I have the security of knowing if the power goes out, we’ll still be warm. It’s worth it.

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