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  1. Jean Matthews

    Great writeup! Great book store! Love you, miss you.


  2. Marisa Neyenhuis

    As a former Chapter One Employee I loved reading this article! You captured the essence of Chapter One wonderfully. All bookstores I go to now are always measured against this one which will always be my favorite, but I’m biased!

  3. Judy Klein

    Chapter One stopped me in my tracks…literally, and it’s a big part of why I still live in Montana. C1 is an education, a warm embrace, a safe harbor and a party animal(even without country music).

  4. David Ash

    I just paid a courtesy call to them two weeks ago after the Montana Festival of the Book. I loved the feel of the place, and there were some good smells too coming from the back of the store. A warm and inviting oasis after an hour’s drive from Missoula!

  5. Shannon

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

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