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  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    I find it so interesting that there is now all this attention being paid to a way of life, or parts of this way of life, that is still just everyday living for a lot of us. For example, I grew up with no electricity or pressurized indoor plumbing (we did have a pitcher pump). I’m 34. My parents lived that way not as “back-to-the-landers,” but out of economic necessity. Now, I live with my husband in a 300-square-foot house with a huge vegetable garden and backyard chickens, not because it’s hip, but out of economic necessity. I hang clothes out on the line because I don’t own a dryer. It’s funny and odd to me that these kinds of things, which I see as very normal, indeed, for me, “the” norm, are objects of study and are considered either hip or quaint. I guess it’s good these “older” technologies and techniques are getting some attention now. They sure do still work. I once talked with people who just plain didn’t believe (because of my age, I guess) that I grew up with an outhouse.

  2. Kurt B. Reighley

    Amanda, you raise a valid point, and one of the arguments I make in the book is that much of the appeal of these goods & practices to folks who didn’t grow up with them is the dawning realization that they would be wise to embrace them soon… why? Out of economic necessity, as well as for the sake of the environment, peace of mind, etc.

  3. Amanda

    Thank you, Kurt! Good to see and good to know. You’re right, Jamie, we didn’t name our chickens…I also should mention that, although we live the “simpler life” (sometimes I have to laugh at that title!) for economic reasons, we also do find quite a bit of satisfaction in doing a lot of things for ourselves. It is definitely a combination of factors that keeps us doing these kinds of things. I guess what might make me different from some others in my generation is that I grew up along these lines and never really stopped, so it’s not new to me, nor am I really going “back to” it; I’ve done lots of it all along.

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