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"Boilerplate" Movie!

Last year at the book industry’s Northwest fall show, many Northwest booksellers met Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, the authors of Boilerplate, a graphic novel/picture book hybrid that tells “the story of the world’s first robot, who, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, fought alongside Teddy Roosevelt and Lawrence of Arabia, journeyed to the South Pole and was involved in the silent movie business before disappearing on the battlefields of World War I.” Now, according to  a story in Hollywood Reporter picked up by Shelf Awareness, the Portland authors have sold the rights to produce a movie based on the book to Paramount. No word yet on who might star in the movie, except, of course, Boilerplate himself. Check out the “movie trailer” on their web page–it’s really very cool, especially for steam punk fans.

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