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  1. James

    Mark, you are truly a selfless-published author, not a selfish one. We’re delighted to have your book on our store’s shelves. And I’m happy to have my own copy at home. Someday I’ll let the kids get their hands on it, too.

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  3. What I learned about working with bookstores | Kristin Ann King

    […] for working with local bookstores, Ms. Tigani referred us to a post by author Mark Holtzen, “Advice for self-published authors.” She suggested reaching out with an email first, because some booksellers might want to see […]

  4. Star Immak

    Sometimes bookstores will not give you the time of day, and you have to go to self-publisher’s cons to meet other authors. Sometimes publishers show up there from time to time as well.

  5. Caroline HeeJeon Gale

    Thank you for reality check and encouragement! It’s not easy to be a self published book author but I think I keep being nice and positive!!

  6. Lola E. Peters

    Thanks for this. And thanks to the good folks at Village Books in Bellingham for the link directing writers to the article.

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