2 responses to “The Would-be Banning of Lawn Boy,  and Why I’m Not Booking any Flights to Texas in the Near-Future”

  1. Kevin Caldwell

    Pedophile or not… some things are just better left out of the school library. I guess it’s not really your fault, what shelf the book ends up on. I’m a very relationship-with-Christ-centered individual. Most would call me radical for Jesus. I’ve heard worse stories when dealing with deliverance and calling demonic strongholds out of people through the power of Christ. I respect your right to tell a story, fact or fictional. I just wanted you to know that Jesus loves you regardless of your writing style and content. I haven’t even read the book and I probably won’t, but you have a right to say or publish whatever you choose, just like it’s my right to choose not to read it. God meets us right where we are, and don’t let any Christian shame you bc we have all fallen short of the mark. Your sin is no greater than the offense they take against you for having written the book. May God bless you abundantly!May His love change your life one day!

  2. Anna

    I’m just gonna keep this short. People who don’t read or can’t do a simple google search are idiot and I completely agree with you. On YouTube, it somehow blew up and people are just eating without actual reading it or researching it. I argued with those people and I shouldn’t have, but it’s too late. Someone even said Great Gatsby should also be banned because of that one tit world and she died in a crash. Reading is gonna be extinct lol.

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