5 responses to “How I Saved a Bookstore and a Bookstore Saved Me”

  1. MJ Dougherty

    Well Heather….I found you in the Skaguay News Depot. I walked in the store and simply asked if they had any books written by a local author. The women pointed me to the shelf where “If You Lived Here I’d Know Your Name” was kept. I bought it and I’ve been following you ever since. Thank you for your art and wisdom and just good common sense.

  2. Pete Griffin

    I often stopped by the old bookstore on trips through Haines before the pandemic. Now, I’ll be sure to stop in to browse the next time through. Nicely done.

  3. Judith Meidinger

    Heather and Amy are the glue that holds small communities together. Yours is an inspiring journey both for Haines and yourselves. Salud!

  4. Lee Couch

    I was in Anchorage several years ago for a meeting in my field of Biology (Parasitology–study of Parasites). After the meeting, my husband and I took a side trip to Seward. There, in one of the gift shops, I found your book. It looked interesting and I am an avid reader, so I bought it. I have been a fan ever since. Once I got home, I subscribed to your blog and look forward to sharing your days. I have four grown children now and 6 small grandchildren, so I revel in the goings-on of your family and the community of Haines. Maybe one day I’ll get to visit your neck of the woods. (I live in New Mexico). Thanks for keeping it real and fun. (P.S. My goal the whole time I was in Alaska was to see a moose–everyone saw one but me!!)

  5. Beverly A Hoffman

    A couple of years back I visited Haines for the first time. I loved the store then and can’t wait to go back. I have been one of those folks to call “The Bookstore” and order your books for friends. Having been on Bethel Alaska city council for one go around I totally related to “Of Bears and Ballots. Quyana

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