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  1. Jim Harris

    Pandemic book reading:

    I am a retired (2011) sales rep who worked in book publishing for forty years. Random House employed me for more than half of those years. I still get book recommendations from the company. I do not read all of the suggestions I get. I am happy that I DID read WHITE PLAGUE by JAMES ABEL (pseudonym of journalist/author Bob Reiss). A WARNING for readers – when you read this book, make sure you are sitting near a fireplace with a roaring fire or on a hot, sunny beach. If not, you will get very cold, as I did. This is the first in a series with at least four books (as of December 2019).

    Colonel Joe Rush is a Marine but he is also a doctor. There is a terrible secret in his past stemming from an incident in Afghanistan two years prior to this story. His nickname is “Killer”. His best friend is Major Eddie Nakamura, also a doctor, who was there with Joe in Afghanistan. Joe and Eddie are sent to Barrow, Alaska when a U.S. submarine is reported stranded in an Arctic Ice field with burn injuries and an unknown illness killing the crew.

    They board a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker along with a staff of 25 Marines, a native Alaskan ice expert and a female engineer from the company that built the submarine. Joe and Eddie realize quickly that there is a Chinese spy aboard the cutter. Communications with the outside world is almost nonexistent because of a severe storm. The sub contains many updated and secret innovations that they have to either save or destroy. The Chinese are after that technology as well and it is a race against time.

    The two groups arrive on scene almost at the same time. A confrontation ensues but Joe is able to avoid starting WWWIII. The Americans eventually head toward Barrow but the disease is creating an international panic among the leaders who know about it. The Americans decide they have to destroy the ship and all of the personnel to avoid a pandemic similar to 1347 (the Black Death) or 1918 (the Spanish flu).

    If you like military thrillers, medical dramas or spy intrigues, this is a book for you. I eagerly anticipate reading more stories by author Abel/Reiss.

    GO! BUY! READ!

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