One response to “Choral Music: Fear, Rediscovery, and Bookselling: An Essay by 2020 PNBA Award Winner Sharma Shields”

  1. abbe rolnick


    Your journey moves within the pages of a reader and author. Many of us have dealt with our demons through words. The library was my sanctuary when I was child, I owned a bookstore in Puerto Rico, and found my voice in another language. I left my heart there, and found Village Books in Bellingham welcoming me with open arms. Then as I raised my children, the library gave me sanity again. Now on my fifth book, I find through all life’s changes, books speak to all our natures, nurture us in ways that make us whole.

    I live above Page2 Books in Burien, and have a library two blocks away from my home.

    Thank you

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