3 responses to “Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck”

  1. bill steigerwald

    Yes, indeed. Read ‘Travels With Charley’ — and then ask your bookstore to order a copy of ‘Dogging Steinbeck’ to find out the truth about Steinbeck’s iconic road trip. (Hint: he didn’t travel alone, didn’t meet most of the Americans he said he did and didn’t put what he really thought about America and its people in ‘TWC.’)

  2. Susan Y Richmond

    Thank, Elaine. This is one of my favorite books. In a similar vein, I’m reading Twain’s Innocents Abroad right now. Another travel tale, not in America, but a ship trip to the holy land, it is witty, insightful and making me keep checking my globe for locations. I’m loving my vicarious travels with Markie!

  3. Susan Richmond

    I think I have a thing for travel memoirs. I also loved Blue Highways. Thanks, Bill – I had no idea there was a book that told “the rest of the story.”

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