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  1. Will Peters

    Preach, Billie!
    I remember thinking that the publishing model you describe was the logical path publishers were on the road to taking 35 years ago with the start of Vintage Originals–and many other original paperback lines that other savvy publishers started in the 80’s.
    Somewhere along the line publishers felt it was more important to serve “other markets” instead of bookstores. That “wisdom” led to a backslide to publish more unsalable hardcovers (for bookstores) for the subsidization of 1990’s discounting chains (how’d that play out 2 decades later, publishers?)and for the hope of the “bestseller” label that would propel a few corporate publishing careers at the expense of broader, more diverse book sales . More recently, most publishers rushed to enable a virtual monopsonistic online behemoth by releasing even more hardcovers for a “bigger discount deferential” marketing campaign than would be possible with the more democratic paperback original model.
    If you ever start that dream publishing house, Billie, we’ll be excited to see your list!

  2. Jim Harris

    Hi, Billie,
    I was a book sales rep for nearly 4 decades, including major houses and regional juggernauts, and I agree with almost everything you said. Hardcovers for libraries, collectors and gift givers. Trade paper ($12-15) for those who want to be first to read a book but not pay $25.00 – $30.00 for a one time read of a novel or $30+ for a one time read of a nonfiction tome. Follow the trade paper back with a mass market edition ($7.95-9.95) 9-12 months later. I would guess total sales (units and dollars) and author revenues will much higher than the current mode of publishing. Even though I have been retired for 6 years, I would have volunteered to be sales rep for new publishing venture. Go for it!

    Jim Harris

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