One response to “Author Charles Johnson Discusses the Anatomy of a Short Story”

  1. James Thomas

    Charles Johnson, I just heard a dramatization of your short story, “The Weave,” on NPR radio. Your writing, your story telling, your cultural affinity provoked me to do something I have never done before – look you up and learn more about you and demostraste the gall and courage to reach out.

    I, too, am a lifelong disciple of Ellison and Wright and Morrison. I am close to your age but have never received similar notoriety or success. In my home of Hampton Roads, Virginia, I recently learned that Colson Whitehead will be a featured speaker at a literary forum in Norfolk soon. I’ve been pondering whether to attend and actually thought it was he that the NPR host was talking about when she introduced “The Weave.” After a few lines, I thought “No, that doesn’t sound like him.” The voice is different.

    I am captivated and energized after listening to the complete adaptación of your written work. If in the event, your schedule permits you an appearance in this area or region, please put the word out load and clear. Thanks for your creative genius. James Thomas.

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