3 responses to “Birds, Books, and Botany”

  1. Susan Richmond

    Delightful article, James. I stood and watched a GBH this morning with all the patience I possess. Possibly a thimbleful. Those birds are endlessly patient as they await the perfect speciman, the correct angle and the coiled energy necessary to spear their breakfast. Thanks for all the good book tips, including some great oldies. I plan to take a look at Crossley.

    1. James

      Thanks, Susan. The thing I like about the Crossley guides (other than the name) is that they show each bird in all the conceivable positions and habitats in which you might find them in the wild—in flight, at rest, near, far, etc. Puts them in context and makes them easier to identify. Not all of their books are readily available in the US, but I bet your local indie bookstore would be happy to help you track them all down.

  2. Susan Richmond

    I know specimen was not spelled correctly above. There are certainly many specimens, not just one. 🙂

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