2 responses to “David Ogden Stiers, Booklover: 1942- 2018”

  1. Janet Comby

    I was doing a search for David Ogden Stiers, hoping to find something new about my favorite actor. I found a treasure in our article! Thanks so much for sharing this ! What a great story ! Have often wondered what e liked to read , there’s no mention in any interview I know of. Crime fiction, I would have never guessed ! You mentioned that you both liked certain authors. If you don’t mind , can you tell me who they are ?

  2. Jim Donahue

    Mr Stiers was a great actor and I enjoyed him on MASH..I would guess he enjoyed agatha Cristie, Chandler, and Doyle..
    He was a original, authentic, believable actor.I was sorry to see he passed away.He will be missed.

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