One response to “Reading Personas”

  1. John E. Schulz

    Being a long-time reader and a yet-to-be-published writer, I have a rather basic approach to the written/published word(s). I usually read to be informed, to seek specific information, to drop into a fiction-based moment of a life-experience. I prefer not to be required to de-code the author’s product; if he can’t put it together, why do I have to? What’s the point? If I need to write it for them, I’ll do it myself, skip over the misleading confusion and get the big bucks for being published. I like writers that put out enough of the story line for me to get a general idea as to where this thing is going. Tonal interpretations and surprise endings, I can cope with; just give me the essentials and I do not give a whistle for the author’s social agenda or proliferations.

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