6 responses to “PLAY BALL!”

  1. Matt

    Pow! Or should I say “Thwack!!”? Since our too infrequent opportunities to converse at length usually center around movies, other kinds of books, and our children, I often forget your staggering baseball acumen. You’ve pulled me in, as usual, with a tantalizing round-up wrapped in a well-spun anecdote. Whenever I’m drawn to a sport like baseball it’s through the lens of a friend’s excitement about it.

    1. James

      True expert knowledge is like an iceberg, with the unseen part much more significant than the little bit that floats above the water. My baseball acumen is the opposite of that, more like the building facades they use on film sets. I’m flattered that the flashy surface caught your eye, though.

  2. Brian Juenemann

    Man, is it ever baseball weather in Eugene today! You’re getting me fired up, James.

    1. James

      Portland is the halfway point between us, right? We could meet in the middle for a Pickles game.

      1. Brian Juenemann

        I love “professional-style” baseball! I’m in.

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