One response to “Confessions of an Undercover Book Pimp”

  1. John E. Schulz

    The universe of books is not unlike this great morass of “stuff”, into which we plunge through any window or door, labelled “author” or “reader” or “retailer” or “publisher” or any other activist persona related or attached to the cerebral experience of reading. No portal has thee supreme advantage when it comes to things book. It’s all good, and maybe not so much. The idea is to get into it and don’t bother looking for some advantageous position. I started as a young listener to my dad’s nightly readings; nobody could out-loud read as good as my dad. He planted the seed of interest which has become a house full of books that are as many and wide in their genre as you can imagine; from 80 years of National Geographic to “The Adventures Of A Brownie”. I read, collect, trade, sell and attempt to write. It IS all good.

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