2 responses to “Magpie: an essay by Richard Fifield”

  1. Ashley Sweeney

    Loved loved loved your essay! As a volunteer at a local thrift shop, I secretly — well, not so secretly sometimes — giggle all day when customers come to the till with their treasures. Rock on, you thrifting rockstar, you!

  2. Mary Murphy

    I love the thrill of the treasure thrift store hunt! I am from SF and my mom gave us a slim clothing allowance so my sisters and I made the best of it with thrift store shopping. My older sister Barbara became an expert at sleuthing out genuine quality articles and I followed behind her for the cast-offs. We all became addicted and 30 years later I still get that anticipatory rush pushing the door open.

    My favorite item to look for is art paintings. It’s rare to find anything decent, but I once found a fabulous original framed art painting ($5!) and am now obsessed. Next, some odd culinary gadget. Then coats.

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