One response to ““Sir Thomas More,” Phil Klay, and Humankindness”

  1. mf

    You’ve done here what I have despaired of being able to do; to wit: make any meaningful comment that could stand out against America’s Internet Mobthink du Jour. Of the ugly noises screeching out of my Facebook wall about the refugees I am sick unto silence. And it’s hopeless on both sides: those who fancy themselves progressives check a box to beGaul their profile photo and click share on every righteous meme that coasts past them and think they have done something real, while the fearful and angry who feel they must protect America from alien hordes shovel hypocrisies and illogical rationalizations one atop another. I have turned over and over in my mind the possibility of taking in a refugee family — how could we possibly make that work and what would we be getting into — and yet ultimately I lack the courage to just make it so. And since I lack the courage, I feel unentitled to add to the shouting. My disinclination to act seems to be the only statement I can make that holds water.

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