5 responses to “Booklovers’ Roadtrip with
Maggie & Leigh Ann”

  1. Brian Juenemann

    I see an empty back seat. When do you two pick up your Brad Pitt character?

  2. Nancy D

    I have always loved what you do and this is the cherry on top

  3. Claudia Wohlfeil

    Love it! I know Sylla will totally agree with this as well. PNBA board members on the road visiting bookstores~ Such an awesome idea! Love you both

  4. Sylla McClellan

    So great! Claudia is right – I wish I was doing this…Someday!

  5. Maggie Freitag

    I understand the Brad reference, however…. Leigh Ann and I would’ve much rather come across one our wonderful Pacific Northwest authors (you can fill in the blank from the numerous choices) for our back seat. By time we reached Bellingham, the seat was barely visible beneath all of the treasures we collected along the way.

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