7 responses to “The Personal Story Behind
“The Honest Truth””

  1. Earl Dizon

    This is on my TBR list for 2015! I can’t wait to read it and share it with others. Thanks for sharing the story behind the story!

  2. Charlotte

    It is such an inspirational story, it made me cry a couple of times. I would love everyone to read it. The honest truth is one I can read again and again. Thank you for sharing what it means to you.:)

  3. Robert ditmore

    I was thinking that there was someone or something that the book was honoring. And I am writing a book about “the honest truth” and it is called “the honest truth explained with the honest truth.”

  4. Sue McCreadie

    I really enjoyed this amazing little book – so inspiring, powerful in it’s simplicity and heartstopping, wondering if Mark and Beau were going to make it and right up to the end, you don’t know which way that dice is going to fall. The characters and the events Mark found himself in, were so strongly drawn, you were taken on that trip with him and in the crisis on the mountain – oh my gosh, that was an anxious time. All along the route, people could have called in to stop him but somehow he kept going, wanting to achieve his dream. Thank you for writing this wonderful book, for remembering your friend and for showing us about the choices we all have in life and how we can choose to live.

  5. Lydia Jenison

    What kind of cancer did he have if i may ask?

  6. Aligator

    Simply the best book I’ve ever read. I showed it to my friends and they love it too. It is a rare, extraordinary novel that will be read year after year.

  7. mark

    did mark die or not i must know

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