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  1. Amanda MacNaughton

    This story reminds me of the grandmother who was bound and determined to find a book for her 12-year-old grandson. He was determined NOT to find anything. He was the type of pre-teen who wouldn’t even look at me, just kept his head down and mumbled in response to anything anyone said. Grandma was so determined she followed me into the break room, where I was trying to eat my lunch, multiple times to ask for more recommendations! Finally, in total frustration, I said, “I don’t think he wants my recommendations.” She would not give up, and insisted, “But could you please help us again? I don’t know what to pick out, and I need your guidance.” I was almost at the end of my patience! They left without buying anything, despite all my advice.

  2. Amanda MacNaughton

    As you stated in your article, thank goodness, these customers are few and far between. Sometimes I feel the customers you described are frustrated with the task of finding the “right” book, but feel comfortable with the clerks in the bookstore to release that frustration. Maybe they leave feeling a little less frustrated.

  3. Amanda MacNaughton

    Hmm, I did not write that last comment (above) about the frustrate (ed, ing) customers being few and far between,although it was posted under my name. I wonder who wrote it? Perhaps Brad Smith. He ought to get the credit for it if so. I think he has a point!

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