2 responses to “Contagion. Epidemic. Pandemic.”

  1. Brian

    Love the juxtaposition of the “12 Bottle Bar” ad banner running right under the “medicinal whisky” author bio note.

  2. Charlotte

    It is a pretty valid fear – I watched the TV miniseries of The Stand while I had pneumonia—did not know I had it! While hospitalized for it, I thought of The Stand a lot because many nurses would remind me how lucky I was that there were antibiotics that would kill the viruses I had but warned me of a day coming where viruses would arrive that there is no cure for! Nice reassuring talk from the medical staff, I say. Sorry you were so traumatized by Mr. King’s books, but a mother who does not censor reading is pretty rare. Mine had a long list of censored books and movies back in the day!

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