2 responses to “Finding Characters Like Me”

  1. Ashley

    Wow. I have lived with a constant, severe headache everyday for 28 years, and in more recent years I’ve developed fibromyalgia. I too am looking for an inspiring book about a character with a chronic illness. Thank you for this post.
    There’s much to be said about endurance and finding ways to live unselfishly, which is even more of an accomplishment when you are physically aware of yourself constantly. I hope one of your suggestions will provide some sort of inspiration. And may you find relief soon. 2 Corinthians 1:7

  2. Ashley

    I was so eager to start looking at these options, I didn’t even finish reading your post! Your words at the end are so relatable. And the Fleabrain book sounds fairly spot on to the emotions I deal with! You know- if pain is bad enough, there is no ‘suck it up’. And the severe limitations can sometimes outweigh the ability to be optimistic or hopeful, causing depression. I look forward to checking these out. Thank you again.

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