One response to “Memorial Day: Trent Reedy, an Author Who Served”

  1. Trent Reedy

    Thank you very much for this. I would like to point out, for those who are interested in books for young people that deal with the military, that my next novel IF YOU’RE READING THIS comes out August 26th. It is about a fifteen year old boy in Iowa who begins to receive letters in the mail that were written by his father before his father died seven years earlier in the war in Afghanistan. Since you mention WORDS IN THE DUST, it may be worth noting that the years happened to work out so that this father was in Afghanistan at the same time I was, and many of his experiences come straight out of my war journals. In fact, his father’s unit was the same one that helped Zulaikha from WORDS IN THE DUST. Thank you very much for the kind words about my books. I wish you the best.

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