8 responses to “I Thought They’d Never Ask”

  1. Brian

    The Outsiders changed my world in 1983 and was probably already passé by then, so there’s hope! Man, that book was cherry.

    1. Will

      Stay Golden, Brian!

  2. Jeffrey Shaffer

    ‘Cherry’–what a great term. Keep using it, Brian.

    1. Brian

      Thank you, S.E. Hinton.

  3. Ann McQueen

    Middle school students at Jeffrey’s alma mater still read and totally love The Outsiders. Still cherry, as you say, but they’d never call it that!!!

    1. Brian


  4. Ann McQueen

    I myself read Anne of Green Gables, many times, which is also still in the library and rarely, but sometimes, checked out.

  5. Jeffrey Shaffer

    The OTHER great science fiction novel from my younger days that never got made into a movie–Childhood’s End. So sad we can make Transformer movies over and over but no Childhood’s End. Go figure.

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