4 responses to “Literary Ramblings in England”

  1. Brad Craft

    Thank you for this! Made me want to go back myself. Sigh. Oh, and the bookstore’s still there, bless ’em, Gay’s the Word: http://freespace.virgin.net/gays.theword/

  2. Amanda MacNaughton

    Yes, Tegan linked to it and I saw that! I also saw that it’s been there since 1979, which is really cool.

  3. wendie vermillion

    I loved reading the experience of a nineteen year old through the “now” voice of a real “writer.” It is always illuminating, if not fantasy-dashing, to walk in the world of those famous writers’ daily lives. Most of us have conjured up our own images of things “as they were,” according to how we wish to see. It appears that your trip did not evoke major disillusionment, rather a taste for “more.” Yay!

  4. James

    Shakespeare’s Restless World is a pretty good substitute for a visit to the real Stratford, I must say.

    Well, not really a substitute at all, but I’ll take what I can get.

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