15 responses to “Zombies and Bigfoot and Free Stuff,
Oh Boy!”

  1. Bigfoot

    I saw Bigfoot this morning. In the mirror.

  2. Emily D/

    I think Bigfoot would win in a game of cribbage between Bigfoot and a zombie. Bigfoot has to be pretty smart to stay hidden all these years.

  3. Jill

    Bigfoot would wrap a few zombies in bacon for a snack while kicking some cribbage booty!

  4. Kristin Howell

    Bigfoot, definitely.

  5. willy wilson

    I have done Anthropological research into the myth, legend, and lore of the Pacific NW Native Americans and that of the Tibetan People. Bigfoot, Squatch, and Yeti are all quite real! The similarities are stunning, and while their fur coating may differ in color and shag from region to region, their effect upon the native populace does not. Whether it is the hailing of a young Tibetan Woman out laboring in the fields to come and join them in aid of some disguised need while taking on a confusing shape shifting form, or that of someone in present day America out making their way in the wilds, it can be confusing, disorienting, frightening, and fascinating, all at the same time. What seems to be most fascinating to me however is their ability to disappear into portals and thus their interdimensionality. This is what most people do not consider. They are able to be here and not be here at the same time. I hope this clarifies some key points as to the behavioral aspects of their physical structure. Oh, and maybe most importantly is the fact that they gather the bones of their dead and take them to caves covered in geologic time never to be found until one day they are. I have heard tell of a intact skull being housed as a relic high in a mountain monastery in Tibet. It is treated and cared for with great reverence and honored as it would any enlightened being.


  6. Jill

    Love zombies!!!! I don’t think a Bigfoot would stand a chance against one – in a board game or the apocalypse. Sorry 🙂

  7. Iris

    well we heard knocking in the woods in broad daylight one day… made a believer out of me… yep, sure did…

  8. Christy

    I’m p-r-e-t-t-y sure Big Foot lives in the hills just east of my house

  9. Matthew Smith Jr

    Pick me!!

  10. Mike Lewis

    Just had a student ask if we had anything about cryptozoology.

  11. Michelle

    My youngest daughter looked like a zombie hand model this weekend after an unfortunate treadmill runin! Her response — too bad it was 3 days after Halloween, otherwise she could have really amped things up as Zombie Batgirl!

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